Image of Cuticula Timeless Top Coat (various scents)

Cuticula Timeless Top Coat (various scents)

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  • lemon curd - £7.00
  • fresh apples - £7.00
  • mermaid fizz (store exclusive) - £7.00
  • unscented - £7.00
  • Icy Peppermint - £7.00
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Benefits of Timeless Top Coat:

- 5 Free (Free of formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, formaldehyde resin, and camphor)

- Fast Drying (Your nails will be dry to the touch in about 3 minutes, but please give 30-45 to fully cure every layer)

- Hours of amazing scent once fully dry

- High gloss shine

- Non Yellowing

- Durable Protection

- Available in a few scents

Keeps your manis protected, long lasting, and super shiny with Timeless Top Coat. Expect up to 2 weeks wear and minor tip where when pairing Timeless with Static and Silk Base Coats.

*Gorgeous shots from IG @thepolishedokie and @polishedjess